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Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)

I was excited to see yesterday that images from the Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) are being made public. Amazing images. Here is my new computer desktop image that I stare at in wonder.

For more info and cool images check out the WISE project website.
Some of Technology for WISE was developed at Space Dynamics [...]

Encouraging the creation of assessments to measure deep understanding

I had the chance to talk with David Yaron again about how to generate more and better assessments that get at deeper levels of knowledge than what typical assessments do. I didn’t realize this but, Turadg, whose presentation I attended is one of David’s students. I shared my reaction to Turadg’s study with David: in [...]

Make… Cool stuff!

I’m falling in love with Make. Their site has too much cool stuff on it, to actually do, like this magnetic sculpture – make sure to watch to the end when he plays with the ferrofluid.

Magnetic Sculpture kit from Collin Cunningham on Vimeo.
Or at least watch other people do, and think how cool it would [...]

STEM Challenges

A couple of years ago I started Models for Learning. The company’s tag line is “engaging the students of today to solve the problems of tomorrow.” The mission of the company is to interest and prepare youth for careers in Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics. Along those lines I have worked on the STEM Challenges [...]

R. Shankar – Small Coincidences

After years of keeping them in boxes, I recently got out my University Physics and Math books and put them on my shelves. Just getting them out inspired me . This morning while testing the Open Yale Courses feed that I had added to OER Recommender, I ran across the Fundamentals of Physics course. [...]