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OER Recommender at RecSysTEL

I’m presenting OER Recommender at RecSysTEL today

Richard Mayer comes to USU

Here are my notes from a presentation titled Multimedia Learning that Dr. Mayer gave at USU on January 27, 2004. I had read his book by the same name previously, but it was good to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Over his 30 year career he has focused his research on:
-Transfer as a learning [...]

My Defense

For the record, I successfully defended my dissertation December 12th. I have a running joke with my wife about how human nature is to think that when such and such happens, then I will be happy. After completing my defense I smiled and told my wife, Now I’m happy. Since my defense I’ve made it [...]

Count down to defense

I’ve scheduled my defense date for Nov 24 and the end of Oct to give my committee the final draft of my dissertation. I wrote a first draft and gave it to my chair before edits. Since then I’ve stepped back and asked myself did I write something good? I’ve talked with a statistician, my [...]

Inside Math Classrooms

I just ran across an interesting research report titled Inside US Math and Science Classrooms. The abstract is:A total of 364 mathematics and science lessons were observed using a structured observation protocol. Each lesson was rated on four components: the lesson design, implementation, math/science content addressed, and classroom culture. Observers rated several indicators within each [...]

Case study research

I just ran across Lilia’s post about case study research. I’ve been thinking about my own and doing some writing this morning. I’m still looking at how to best analyze my data. I’ve looked at QSR N6. I am also familiar with and have access to free format text database software called Folio. What I [...]

Ideas for analyzing my qualitative data

Another issue I am thinking about is how to generate categories to characterize the different teachers I have worked with. Dr. Lancy, an experienced qualitative researcher, encouraged me to try sorting the teachers into categories just using my gut instinct. While this seems like a reasonable approach, my natural instinct is to try something more [...]

Retiring on a graduate student salary

Yesterday I met with David Lancy, a Prof here at USU considered to be somewhat of an expert in qualitative research. He has been very generous with his time in visiting with me. His input has been very helpful. I shared with him where I am currently at in my research and asked for his [...]

Is my blog destined for irrelevance?

Absolutely….While rooting around the blogsphere I ran across Brian’s All over for blogs? post. What a let down, after only two days of having a blog, my visions of granduer are ruined, my bubble is burst.
Surely he is being both sarcastic and realistic. I guess when writing a blog you have to decide who you [...]

Warning! Will Robinson! Warning!

Joel has begun blogging. Not nearly as irreverant as I understand a blogger should be, I’m excited to begin authoring in addition to lurking.
Many thanks to my Ph.D. chair David Wiley for getting me started.
My primary interest is in completing my dissertation study titled Design Theory for Authoring Tools that Support Teacher Adaptation of Mathlets [...]