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OER Recommender at RecSysTEL

I’m presenting OER Recommender at RecSysTEL today

Getting started with Hadoop on Amazon’s elastic mapreduce

After playing with Hadoop a bit in the past, I’m now trying out some things on Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce.
I signed up for a new AWS account and ran their sample LogAnalyzer Job Flow using the AWS console. That was easy enough. Next I attempted to run the same sample from the command line using the [...]

Solving aggregation problems

In Folksemantic, we run into the following problems:

Duplicate entries. Search and recommendation results that list multiple entries for the same resource.
Catalog pages. Search and recommendation results that link to catalog pages for resources (people would rather go directly to the resource, but the metadata providers want people to go to their catalog entry for the [...]

Presenting personal recommendations

Generating personal recommendations is one thing, presenting them to the user in a way that they find them useful is something else. Here are our plans for

Personal recommendations page – For each user, provide a personal recommendations page. Visually separate recommendations that they have already clicked on.
Personal recommendations tool – Include a personal recommendations [...]

A personal recommendation algorithm

We’re in the process of building out personal recommendations for The basis for the recommendations is user attention metadata. The data we use includes:

Identity feeds – RSS feeds that users register that represent their interests. For example, their blog or their delicious account.
Clicks – The articles that the user clicks on.
Shares – The articles [...]