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Teacher Authoring and Metacognition at the PSLC

JCDL 2008 trip continued: On my way out of town I couldn’t resist stopping by the PSLC to attend a lunch meeting where Turadg Aleahmad and Ido Roll were giving practice talks for ITS2008. Turadg presented on an online authoring tool designed for teachers to use to create worked example math problems. I was surprised [...]

Measuring the Wrong Things

JCDL 2008 trip continued: In Education and NSDL: Past, Present and Future, David McArthur presented the future of the NSDL as a platform from which to build. This is the right direction to head… hopefully not too late. The NSDL should provide additional services beyond search, it should provide web services, architectures, and tools that [...]

A community is its problems

One way to define a community is by the problems it cares about.
How does one begin to participate in a community?
If you accept my characterization of a community, you begin participating in the community when you begin caring about the same problems that the community cares about. If you wanted to create an entry path [...]

Posing and Solving Problems

Last night we listened to the hilarious Ze Frank. Amongst the laughs I gleaned a few principles which I think apply to things I care about.

Playing with something is a better way to begin learning about it than to be told all about it.
When people begin creating things they begin learning the language of design.
It [...]