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Getting started with Hadoop on Amazon’s elastic mapreduce

After playing with Hadoop a bit in the past, I’m now trying out some things on Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce.
I signed up for a new AWS account and ran their sample LogAnalyzer Job Flow using the AWS console. That was easy enough. Next I attempted to run the same sample from the command line using the [...]

Configuring Apache and Tomcat to serve my java web application through port 80

Default Tomcat installations run on port 8080 so you get urls like:
Some firewalls block port 8080 so I wanted my site to be available on port 80 so that it uses urls like:
One option was to modify the Tomcat configuration to listen on port 80. However, I already have Apache installed and listening on port [...]

Mixing AWT and Swing is No Fun!

A couple of years ago I wrote the NLVM Application using Java Swing 1.4. It incorporates the Interactive Math Applets from the NLVM Website. The challenge was that those applets were written based on framework built back in the bronze ages when Netscape on Mac 8 was used heavily in the schools. At that time [...]

Configuring Mathlets

I’ve been re reading Lite Applets at Joma and looking at the Java Components for Mathematics website and imagining that I could quickly make those applets configurable from within TADRIOLA. It shouldn’t take much and I believe it will make teacher use of those mathlets much more likely.