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Introducing Models for Math

Tonight I will be leading a discussion about the NLVM, eNLVM, and a new site called Models for Math.
Models for Math is partnering with providers of interactive open content for math, including the GeoGebra community, to provide free hosting of websites where they can author and deliver online lessons. Models for Math will offer [...]

Using Technology to Teach Mathematics

Today I am presenting Using Technology Effectively to Teach Mathematics at the Utah Association of Math Teacher Educators annual meeting being held at Utah State University.

NLVM team receives Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology

Recently our National Library of Virtual Manipulatives team (Bob Heal, Larry Cannon, Jim Dorward, and myself) was awarded the Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology.
Here is some press that covered the award:

Utah State Today – USU Researchers Awarded Governor’s Medals for Science and Technology
USU College of Science – Three USU Scientists Receive Governor’s Science [...]

Jennifer Suh!

Recently I had the great opportunity to visit with Jennifer Suh and Gwenanne Salkind from The Mathematics Education Center (MEC). Thanks to Jim, they came to visit the USU College of Education and the NLVM team prior to presenting on Developing persistent & flexible problem solvers at the annual NCTM meeting in Salt Lake. Jennifer’s [...]

Debugging browser incompatibilities

Every time we update the NLVM website like we did a few weeks ago we receive email from people that are no longer able to access the applets. Often times the causes are somewhat mysterious. Some of the problems are caused by proxy and browser caching; some of the updated files arrive at peoples’ browsers [...]

eNLVM Launch

About a month ago we received funding notification of an NSF IMD grant titled Extending and Enhancing the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. We have launched a developers website here. We are in the process of organizing teams, working on prototype eModules, planning workshops, etc.

D-Lib Math Tools DL article

I just read an article by SRI researchers that reports on a user study of the Math Tools DL. As one of the participants in the study I was interested to see what they had to say. The basic structure of the report was to: (a) summarize the results, (b) propose representative personas, and (c) [...]


Check out 3D-XplorMath 10.0.

Do teachers want lessons or the building blocks?

Yesterday in a discussion with an NSDL evaluator who is also an ElEd Prof., he told me that research has shown that teachers would rather be given the parts from which to build lessons, than pre-completed lessons. I have asked him for more details about the claim and what data it is based on, but [...]

Technology replaces teachers?

The fear that technology will replace teachers has a long and storied history. It merits a close look.As has been repeatedly claimed, the use of the technology in the classroom is changing the role of teachers (or at least has the potential to change the role of teacher). My experience is that this scares teachers. [...]