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Richard Mayer comes to USU

Here are my notes from a presentation titled Multimedia Learning that Dr. Mayer gave at USU on January 27, 2004. I had read his book by the same name previously, but it was good to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Over his 30 year career he has focused his research on:
-Transfer as a learning [...]

My Defense

For the record, I successfully defended my dissertation December 12th. I have a running joke with my wife about how human nature is to think that when such and such happens, then I will be happy. After completing my defense I smiled and told my wife, Now I’m happy. Since my defense I’ve made it [...]

Technology replaces teachers?

The fear that technology will replace teachers has a long and storied history. It merits a close look.As has been repeatedly claimed, the use of the technology in the classroom is changing the role of teachers (or at least has the potential to change the role of teacher). My experience is that this scares teachers. [...]

What is an Intelligent Tutoring System?

One definition of an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) is computer based instruction that uses AI methods. To me this does not seem like a good definition, since it is quite possible that a piece of instructional software that does not use AI methods could appear and behave to a learner like one that does. Then [...]

Learning basic math facts

I’m not a big fan of rote learning, but I realize that kids need to learn to efficiently recall basic math facts. My boy is in 3rd grade and is learning his multiplication facts and is still a bit weak on his addition facts. The strategy they use in my boy’s classroom is repetition. He [...]

Simulations and the Learning Revolution

Thanks to Doug for the link to an interview with Clark Aldrich.

15th Annual IT Conference

This past week I attended and presented (PPT) at the USU 15th Annual Instructional Technology Conference. Highlights for me were presentations by Sanne Dijkstra (PPT) and Wes Shumar. Dr. Merrill’s presentation (PPT) made me think as usual.
Wes’s Presentation
Wes gave a helpful overview of the main services of the MathForum. While I have visited there periodically [...]