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OER Recommender at RecSysTEL

I’m presenting OER Recommender at RecSysTEL today

Everytime I boot into Windows I have to install a critical security update

I’ve had a Mac for years but used it mostly for testing. I always laughed at the religiously zealous mac users. Last October I switched my day to day computer work from Windows to Mac.  My only regret is that I waited so long to switch. I turn on my Windows box about once a [...]

Introducing Models for Math

Tonight I will be leading a discussion about the NLVM, eNLVM, and a new site called Models for Math.
Models for Math is partnering with providers of interactive open content for math, including the GeoGebra community, to provide free hosting of websites where they can author and deliver online lessons. Models for Math will offer [...]

Getting started with Hadoop on Amazon’s elastic mapreduce

After playing with Hadoop a bit in the past, I’m now trying out some things on Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce.
I signed up for a new AWS account and ran their sample LogAnalyzer Job Flow using the AWS console. That was easy enough. Next I attempted to run the same sample from the command line using the [...]

Solving aggregation problems

In Folksemantic, we run into the following problems:

Duplicate entries. Search and recommendation results that list multiple entries for the same resource.
Catalog pages. Search and recommendation results that link to catalog pages for resources (people would rather go directly to the resource, but the metadata providers want people to go to their catalog entry for the [...]