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How to unlock your droid when your kids try to guess the pattern too many times

My daughter’s friends got a hold of my droid and thought it would be fun to try to guess the password pattern. After enough times, it locked up my droid and asked me to login with my gmail account credentials. Problem is, that didn’t work. It is a known bug. After a few minutes of Googling, I found: (comment 35)

1) create a new gmail account on the computer.
2) call your cell phone with a different phone.
3) answer your cell phone then hit the back button and it will take you to the home
4) turn on wifi so it can do data and voice at the same time (remember that the phone
is still connected)
5) go to Settings -> Location & Security and disable lock pattern (you’ll need to
enter to correct pattern previously set)
6) go to Settings -> Accounts & Sync and click “Add Account” and add your newly
created Gmail account.
7) hang up the phone.
8) turn the phone back on, at the lockout screen, enter your new Gmail account info
and it should let you back in
9) once the phone is unlocked, you can go in setting and remove the newly added Gmail
account and keep the old one.

Google giveth, and Google taketh away, and then Google giveth again.

3 Responses to “How to unlock your droid when your kids try to guess the pattern too many times”

  1. How do you like the Droid, by the way?

  2. Love the Droid! Things I use it most so far are predictably: email, 5 megapixel camera, maps, texting my kids (I’ve never texted before), Toddler Lock game to distract my 2 year old, Twidroid twitter client, and facebook. And of course, Google. Now I can look up the answer to any random question wherever I am, not only when I’m at my computer :-)

  3. I so wished this work so I could skip a visit to the T mobile store, they rarely know what there talking about, but it dosen’t take me to the home screen. It takes me to “screen is locked” which sucks. Thanks for sharing though.

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