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NLVM team receives Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology

Recently our National Library of Virtual Manipulatives team (Bob Heal, Larry Cannon, Jim Dorward, and myself) was awarded the Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology.
Here is some press that covered the award:

Utah State Today – USU Researchers Awarded Governor’s Medals for Science and Technology
USU College of Science – Three USU Scientists Receive Governor’s Science [...]

Web crawling on a budget

Justin and I submitted proposals to the Digital Media and Learning Competition. I was amazed to see the breadth of the 100 pages of submissions. There are a lot of good ideas there. Not being sure that the submissions will always be kept public, I wanted to archive them for later reference. Here was the [...]

How to unlock your droid when your kids try to guess the pattern too many times

My daughter’s friends got a hold of my droid and thought it would be fun to try to guess the password pattern. After enough times, it locked up my droid and asked me to login with my gmail account credentials. Problem is, that didn’t work. It is a known bug. After a few minutes of [...]