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Presenting personal recommendations

Generating personal recommendations is one thing, presenting them to the user in a way that they find them useful is something else. Here are our plans for

  • Personal recommendations page – For each user, provide a personal recommendations page. Visually separate recommendations that they have already clicked on.
  • Personal recommendations tool – Include a personal recommendations button on our folksemantic bar that when clicked on will display their recommendations in the right panel. Linking to the recommendations from that panel will refresh the content in the iframe (not do a full page refresh).
  • Personal recommendations action link – Include a link to the user’s recommendations page on their dashboard.
  • Inject recommendations into activity feeds – Whenever we generate new personal recommendations, inject them into a user’s activity feed that is displayed on their dashboard.
  • Email personal recommendations – Email personal recommendations to users as often as they would like (controllable in their account settings).

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