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Encouraging the creation of assessments to measure deep understanding

I had the chance to talk with David Yaron again about how to generate more and better assessments that get at deeper levels of knowledge than what typical assessments do. I didn’t realize this but, Turadg, whose presentation I attended is one of David’s students. I shared my reaction to Turadg’s study with David: in order to help teachers produce quality assessments, we should present good examples, help them see the structure of the assessments and how the problems can be adapted. I need to write up some examples of what I mean by this.

David shared Evidence Based Design (not sure if this is what he was referring to) as a model. I shared Conditions of Learning – the idea that different types of learning outcomes should be taught differently, and Jim Cangelosi’s (forgive the flashing text) work on designing mathematics instruction for different types of learning outcomes. Interestingly he has advocated the idea of mini experiments as an approach for teachers to learn about and evolve learning.

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  1. hi Joel,

    I agree about how to help teachers produce quality assessments. I’m not David Yaron’s student but I did work with him and the Chemistry Digital Library to bring some assessments into a community-based assessment authoring and repository system called QCommons. My research has changed emphasis but if a open database of assessments interests you, let’s talk.


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