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ATE – A sister program to NSF

Rachel Bower – Internet Scout Wisconson Madison, ATE Central, AMSER. Advanced Technological Education is a sister program to NSDL. Designed to connect NSDL with community and technical college faculty. Instead of focusing on a content area, they chose to focus on an audience and to cover all of applied math and science. AMSER is being created by a team of folks led by InternetScout. ATE, AAC, AMATYC, NISOD, MERLOT, NSDL. Scout not only connects higher ed with resources but also best practices. Mellon funded the development of Scout Portal Toolkit, which became CWIS – DL in a box. I was made aware of Internet Scout when they featured the NLVM in 2002.

ATE Central is an example of how a project in NSDL can influence other NSF programs. It brings all of the ATE resources in to one searchable portal. It builds the ATE brand and helps disseminate the projects. ATE is different than NSDL in that they focus on content development, industry connections, and the improvement of training and teaching for workforce development. ATE offers smaller grants and larger center grants. Example national, regional, and resource centers of excellence are geoTech, CARCAM, AgrowKnow. ATE Central has been funded for 1 year. They focus more on events than in other portals. This is partially because ATE focuses a lot on workshops including virtual. They create resource areas on ATE Central for each projects and centers. This has been a big deal to their projects to help them collaborate. ATE has a center that is funded just for evaluation. They send out a monthly update and are creating success stories. She showed videos of people that have found success of students that have benefited from ATE.

Linea Fletcher and Rachel is interested in the life of NSDL projects that continue beyond funding (are sustainable). They want to capture and share these stories. Another focus is on how to capture of evidence of impact across projects. They currently track 320 projects and aggregate and share it in interesting ways.

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