life is a rum go guv’nor, and that’s the truth

Camping at Tony Grove

Last week our family camped at Tony Grove Lake up Logan Canyon. The wildflowers were amazingly diverse and beautiful including these that Meghan spotted growing on a boulder in the lake.
After morning hikes we swam in the lake which was surprisingly pleasant.
The older kids and I explored polygamy cave.
My Dad and I backpacked into White [...]

How fun is that!

Teacher Authoring and Metacognition at the PSLC

JCDL 2008 trip continued: On my way out of town I couldn’t resist stopping by the PSLC to attend a lunch meeting where Turadg Aleahmad and Ido Roll were giving practice talks for ITS2008. Turadg presented on an online authoring tool designed for teachers to use to create worked example math problems. I was surprised [...]

Visiting the Entertainment Technology Center

JCDL 2008 trip continued: I’ve watched Alice with interest for a number of years and my children and I have played with it. Naturally, Randy’s last lecture renewed my interest. Wednesday morning I visited Drew at the Entertainment Technology Center that Randy co-founded. Drew was very kind to give me a tour of the place, [...]

Measuring the Wrong Things

JCDL 2008 trip continued: In Education and NSDL: Past, Present and Future, David McArthur presented the future of the NSDL as a platform from which to build. This is the right direction to head… hopefully not too late. The NSDL should provide additional services beyond search, it should provide web services, architectures, and tools that [...]

Aligning Content with Standards

JCDL 2008 trip continued: I talked with Bryan Chapman about aligning content with standards (see his paper Exploring Educational Standard Alignment: In Search of ‘Relevance’). He pointed me to the CNLP’s Curriculum Assignment Tool and to the Teacher’s Domain cross walking service as potential sources of tools and providers of standards alignment. I have the [...]

JCDL 2008

I recently attended JCDL 2008 to present a poster on OER Recommender with Brandon. As usual, the interactions with people were the best part of the conference. Monday night I enjoyed good dinner with at Lidia’s with David Tarrant and Max Wilson, PhD students from the University of Southampton England. Max’s dissertation work is on [...]