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Check out 3D-XplorMath 10.0.

Do teachers want lessons or the building blocks?

Yesterday in a discussion with an NSDL evaluator who is also an ElEd Prof., he told me that research has shown that teachers would rather be given the parts from which to build lessons, than pre-completed lessons. I have asked him for more details about the claim and what data it is based on, but [...]

Technology replaces teachers?

The fear that technology will replace teachers has a long and storied history. It merits a close look.As has been repeatedly claimed, the use of the technology in the classroom is changing the role of teachers (or at least has the potential to change the role of teacher). My experience is that this scares teachers. [...]

Developing mathlets

This morning on my way to work I was thinking about what I would like to see in the developers forum of the Math Tools DL. The following issues seem most pertinent to me: user interface design, user centered design, cross platform issues, authoring tools for teachers, free and open software, software reuse, and strengths [...]

Copyrights and copying wrongs

I just ran across a five part series of articles titled: Copyrights and Copying Wrongs at Education World. It provides a nice overview of copyright issues for teachers as they relate to reusing web based resources. My research with teachers indicates that many are largely unaware of copyright issues. They assume that Fair Use allows [...]

What is an Intelligent Tutoring System?

One definition of an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) is computer based instruction that uses AI methods. To me this does not seem like a good definition, since it is quite possible that a piece of instructional software that does not use AI methods could appear and behave to a learner like one that does. Then [...]

Configuring Mathlets

I’ve been re reading Lite Applets at Joma and looking at the Java Components for Mathematics website and imagining that I could quickly make those applets configurable from within TADRIOLA. It shouldn’t take much and I believe it will make teacher use of those mathlets much more likely.

Learning basic math facts

I’m not a big fan of rote learning, but I realize that kids need to learn to efficiently recall basic math facts. My boy is in 3rd grade and is learning his multiplication facts and is still a bit weak on his addition facts. The strategy they use in my boy’s classroom is repetition. He [...]

Authoring tools for teachers

My dissertation study is titled Theory for Authoring Tools that Support Adaptation of Mathlets (TATSTAM). So a main thrust of my research is to identify the characteristics of tools that support teacher reuse and adaptation of interactive online learning activities. As a result I’m continually looking for projects that are working towards similar goals as [...]

Inside Math Classrooms

I just ran across an interesting research report titled Inside US Math and Science Classrooms. The abstract is:A total of 364 mathematics and science lessons were observed using a structured observation protocol. Each lesson was rated on four components: the lesson design, implementation, math/science content addressed, and classroom culture. Observers rated several indicators within each [...]