life is a rum go guv’nor, and that’s the truth

The ringing in my ears

The Deafening Silence David speaks of is ringing in my ears. I’ve tried to to read and understand the discussion of the CC-EDU license and feel like I still don’t understand it well enough to be able to say anything meaningful about it. Here is my jumbled understanding of it.
CC licenses are being developed as [...]

The trouble with testing

Last night while typing focus group data into my palm pilot I watched a program on PBS titled The Trouble with Testing. My interest in this area is in the potential for using mathlets for alternate forms of evaluation. I believe that they could be used to record solution paths followed and student reasoning. In [...]

Retiring on a graduate student salary

Yesterday I met with David Lancy, a Prof here at USU considered to be somewhat of an expert in qualitative research. He has been very generous with his time in visiting with me. His input has been very helpful. I shared with him where I am currently at in my research and asked for his [...]

Is my blog destined for irrelevance?

Absolutely….While rooting around the blogsphere I ran across Brian’s All over for blogs? post. What a let down, after only two days of having a blog, my visions of granduer are ruined, my bubble is burst.
Surely he is being both sarcastic and realistic. I guess when writing a blog you have to decide who you [...]

Warning! Will Robinson! Warning!

Joel has begun blogging. Not nearly as irreverant as I understand a blogger should be, I’m excited to begin authoring in addition to lurking.
Many thanks to my Ph.D. chair David Wiley for getting me started.
My primary interest is in completing my dissertation study titled Design Theory for Authoring Tools that Support Teacher Adaptation of Mathlets [...]